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Local bands
Band: In Winter (
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds like: "If Garbage had a three-way with Nine Inch Nails and the string section of an orchestra, we'd be the love child."
Fun fact: "If you ask him to, our drummer, Jon [Vincent], can play off-timed death metal faster and more accurate than anyone you'll ever meet. But he can't form a coherent sentence to save his life."
Playing: Monday, October 24, at Peabody's
Why you should see them: "1. Musically we are way different than anything you've seen lately, I promise. 2. Our singer actually sings. 3. In Winter only features 'members of' In Winter." -- Jason Knotek, guitar

Band: Goodmorning Valentine (
Hometown: Akron
Sounds like: "Belle and Sebastian covering Elvis Costello tunes while conjuring the spirit of Gram Parsons. Sort of."
Fun fact: "After 14 months of painstaking recording sessions, Goodmorning Valentine will finally be releasing its second album, Steady Your Hands, on November 26 at the Lime Spider."
Playing: Friday, October 21, at the Lime Spider
Why you should see them: "Sometimes big and raucous, sometimes soft and melancholy, Goodmorning Valentine does a little bit of everything. With a six-piece band, including guitars, keyboards, trumpet, violin, drums, bass, and anything else we can get our hands on, there is no possibility that you could not like our band -- har, har." -- Joey Beltram, guitar and vocal; Elizabeth Allen, bass, flute, and strings

Band: (Intheclear) (
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Sounds like: A Perfect Circle/Taproot/U2
Fun fact: "We're dorks who live in our van and come up with funny albums titles like the Dirty Cheese and the Hoodie Thieves EP, which is available off our website. Plus, we like to spit water/booze at each other to make ourselves look like idiots onstage."
Playing: Friday, October 21, at the Hi-Fi Club
Why you should see them: "It's rock and roll! We love to interact with the crowd and make them feel 150 percent part of the live show. We rock out heavy and hard. Come and join the party." -- Clay Cook, guitar

Band: Icarus Landing (
Sounds like: "The alternative rock of the Smashing Pumpkins meets the intensity of early Metallica and Motörhead."
Fun fact: "Nick Miller (guitar, vocals) and Nick Evert (drums) have known each other since elementary school, and we have the pictures to prove it."
Playing: Saturday, October 22, at the Phantasy Theatre
Why you should see them: "We produce an extremely unique and inspiring flavor of rock and roll, and our overwhelming passion for music is evident in every performance. And we have the hottest female fans around." -- Nick Miller, guitar and vocals

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