Money Where Your Mouth Is

THIS WEEK: 04.20-04.26

Money Where Your Mouth Is
Band: 80HD (
Hometown: Cleveland
Sounds like: "A ska/rock band hitting you in the face, then giving you an ice pack, and then hitting you in the face again."
Fun fact: "At our CD release, a fan brought a present for us -- a bag of potatoes. (Our kids are sweet!)"
Playing: Saturday, April 22, at the Agora Ballroom
Why Should You See Them: "You're guaranteed at least one convulsion every show!" -- Mikey Boy Wonder, guitars

Band: Jim & Eroc Unplugged (,
Hometown: Lakewood and Cleveland
Sounds like: "Bastard love child of Led Zeppelin and Bread, lubricated with Jägermeister."
Fun fact: "Regularly celebrated 4-20 in the early '90s while touring the Midwest in a big blue school bus and never got pulled over!"
Playing: Thursday, April 20, at the Happy Dog
Why Should You See Them: "To celebrate 4-20 on 4-20. And this bar serves Tater Tots when you get the munchies. Add a shot or two (or five) of Jäger, and we'll provide the perfect soundtrack." -- Eroc Sosinski, vocals/bass

Band: Stone Slinger (, )
Hometown: Canton
Sounds like: "David Lee Roth orchestrating a Hawkwind cover, played by early Soundgarden & remixed by the MC5."
Fun fact: "Our drummer, Kevan Phares, was the drummer for Warrant during its '04 tour."
Playing: Friday, April 21, at the Daily Double
Why Should You See Them: "We told you, our drummer played with Warrant." -- Todd Williams, singer

Hometown: Kent
Sounds like: "An instrumental soundtrack to a low-budget snuff film, with prog-rock sensibilities for good measure."
Fun Fact: "At our last two shows, the place got so rowdy that several paintings fell off the wall and were damaged. Our music actually caused people to destroy art!"
Playing: Friday, April 28, at the Hi-Fi Club
Why Should You See Them: "Porno raffles, pancake chefs, erotic sound clips, bingo, rocking horses, tap dancers . . . oh yeah, we play some pretty bitchin' music too!" -- Rev. Dick Penetrator, Drums

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