Money Where Your Mouth Is: Devil Doll and Horror of 59

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Right about now, the bands speak for themselves. Band: Devil Doll Web: or Hometown: “Cleveland, but based out of Los Angeles.” Sounds like: “Jessica Rabbit meets Joan Jett.” Recommend for fans of: “Sexy women, jazz, old cars and the F word.” Fun fact: “Devil Doll is responsible for saving more marriages, causing more baby-making, speeding tickets, and arson than any other band in the last 10 years.” Playing: Saturday, November 24, at the Beachland Ballroom (15711 Waterloo Ave., 216-383-1124). 8 p.m., $10. With Uncle Scratch’s Gospel Revival and Martini 5-0. Why you need to see her: “It will change your life: You will leave better looking, and you will definately forget all about your ex.” -- The Devil Doll herself, Colleen Duffy, who sings and plays bass
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