Money Where Your Mouth Is: Saul Glennon

Saul Glennon frontman Jack Rugan lets us in on a dirty little secret about his band: There IS no Saul. Rugan's a pretty pleasant guy to chat with, however ... Band: Saul Glennon Web: or Hometown: “Cleveland and surrounding parts.” Sounds like: “Take equal parts Beatles, Who, Beach Boys, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Todd Rundgren, and Pat Metheny. Now mix ‘em all up in a blender, and you have a the sound of Saul Glennon. Add a dose of originality.” Recommend for fans of: “Well constructed, melodic pop music (like the masters noted above).” Fun fact: “Bandleader and chief songwriter Jack Rugan has written and recorded over 1500 songs in the past 25 and some odd years.” Playing: “7 p.m. Friday, December 7th, at Local Girl Gallery (Local Girl Gallery, 16106 Detroit Rd., 216-228-1802) in Lakewood in support of Rugan's new instrumental album for the holiday season, Gatherings.” Why you need to see them: “The show at Local Girl will be the first time the band has played an all instrumental show, paying tribute to the classic, if slightly hokey, genre prevalent back in the early-to-mid ‘60s.” -- Jack Rugan, vox-guitars
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