Money Where Your Mouth Is: Silent Fury


From time to time, we here at C-Notes let a band explain why you need to see them. Because taking us at our word wouldn't be hardcore, dude. —D.X. Ferris

Band: Silent Fury


Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Sounds like: "Metallica put Hinder in a headlock and made them funnel."

Fun fact: "Lead singer has banged over 100 women. That's more of a rumor."

Playing: Roc Bar (1198 Old River Rd., East Bank of the Flats) Saturday, June 13.

Why You Need to See Them: "Tired of synthesizers and Auto-Tune? We're three dudes playing real instruments singing real songs. Come see what live music is supposed to sound like." —Mick, lead singer/guitar

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