Murphy's Law

Sunday, June 11, at Pirate's Cove.

Murphy's Law
Look, dude, it's summer, so chill with the politics, experimentation, and all that pussy shit; it's time to drink, get stoned, and listen to Murphy's Law -- the perfect brain-need-not-apply party band. It shouldn't seem odd that song topics tend to gravitate toward themes of marijuana and pissing off the neighbors, seeing as how Murphy's Law was born in the tough-guy New York hardcore scene of the '80s. But don't overthink things, bro; you might harsh your buzz.

This is not saccharine, candy-coated, Warped Tour-approved punk. Murphy's Law delivers a raw, unpolished roar. Sure, it sounds like your kid brother's first stab at things, but that's half the fun, as songs teeter between goofy punk anthems and even goofier thrash. This is the type of punk that sounds best in a basement with a cold case of beer -- oh, and your bong too, natch.

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