New Entry in Dumbest Band Name Ever


If you were to ask me to take two bands from the '70s — one bloated and self-indulgent; the other just plain boring — and shake loose an auxiliary member or two from each and then name the new group something based on a farfetched combination of their previous bands' monikers (neither of which even borders on mediocre), I could never come up with anything as dumbass stupid as Yoso.

Making matters worse, this new supergroup is culled from leftovers members of Yes and Toto.

Yoso — Christ, I can't even type that without major eye-rolling — includes Toto singer Bobby Kimball, Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye, and Yes guitarist Billy Sherwood. Scratching your head yet?

The band's debut album, Elements, comes out on July 23 (lucky Europeans get it three weeks earlier). The cover isn't nearly as awesome or as awful as you'd expect. (On second thought, it's much closer to awful than awesome — see above pic.)

With songs like "To Seek the Truth" and "Return to Yesterday," the songs fall somewhere between new-age prog and yawnsville (the MP3 links sent to me by the band's publicist were broken, otherwise I'd share).

The album comes with a bonus disc of Yoso (hahahahaha) playing some Yes and Toto songs (inlcuding "Owner of a Lonely Heart" and "Rosanna") in concert.

There are a couple of new guys in the band too. Excited?

After you soak in Elements, you can catch Yoso (seriously? Yoso?) live on August 19, when they play the Kent Stage.

So I'm, curious: Can you come up with a band name combining two old groups that is even worse than Yoso? Let me know. I've been trying for 20 minutes and come up empty.—Michael Gallucci (follow me on Twitter @mgallucci)

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