With KMOB. Monday, May 8, at the Winchester

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OHM guitarist Chris Poland used to be in Megadeth, back when it was good. His sophisticated solos were the perfect counterpart to Dave Mustaine's mechanistic thrash riffing on the band's best album, 1986's Peace Sells . . . but Who's Buying? In this trio, he's trading leads with bassist Robert Pagliardi, whose liquid and fretless sound complements Poland's fusion-style (but discernibly metal) guitar lines. Kofi Baker, usually the trio's drummer, is the son of Cream drummer, Fela collaborator, and general grizzled rock legend Ginger Baker. Kofi's done a bunch of things outside Dad's shadow, including backup for mind-roasting fusion guitarist Shawn Lane and equally worthy bassist Jonas Hellborg on 1995's Abstract Logic (notably, Ginger Baker played on Hellborg's 1988 album Bass).

Unable to tour at this time because of other personal commitments, Kofi's been replaced by Joel Taylor, who's played with Allan Holdsworth and Stanley Clarke. Either way, OHM's brand of fusion shreds, and this show's bound to slay.

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