Old age hasn't slowed risque rapper Blowfly

As nasty as he wants to be

Blowfly, RA Washington and the Family Dollar w/DJ Hot Trash

9 p.m. Sunday, June 16

Beachland Tavern, 15711 Waterloo Rd., 216-383-1124

Tickets: $10 ADV, $12 DOS


Rapper Blowfly (born Clarence Reid) may be nearly deaf and almost decrepit, but don't count him out yet. The guy's career has undergone a resurgence over the past few years. Often credited with releasing the first rap song (1965's "Rap Dirty"), Blowfly has also recorded x-rated parodies like "Shittin' on the Dock of the Bay." Ice-T, AC/DC and the Red Hot Chili Peppers cite him as an influence. Demonstrating his distinctly perverse sense of humor, Blowfly responded to a few questions via email.  

Is it true that as a child you changed the lyrics of "do the twist" to "suck my dick" and if so what compelled you to do such a thing?

What I do is tell the truth. People are dirty freaks. ["Do the Twist" songwriter] Hank Ballard and [singer] Chubby Checker wanted to say, "Suck my dick," but if they did it back then, they would have gotten arrested. So Blowfly risked life and limb to get all your girlfriends to give you head.  I should get a medal for that! I will give Hank Ballard credit for giving instructions for it because "round and round" and "up and down" is the way I like my chicks to go down!

What was the first costume you ever wore on stage?

 It was a hat and a mask that didn't match. That thing I'm wearing on the Weird World of Blowfly album cover kinda looked like it, but even worse. I'm a lot more stylish these days.

Have you ever gotten into a fight at a concert?

I'm a lover, not a fighter — but one time I was at a James Brown concert in Georgia and there was this woman getting beat up by her man, so I whipped his ass during "The Big Payback." And then I told him if he would just get some big Gay Crack, he wouldn't be so angry.

What do you think of the Kardashians?

They got a whole lotta ass! They'd turn my booty bus into an aircraft carrier. Ain't no mystery why they all go black in the sack!

What costume do you plan to wear for the Cleveland show?

I will be wearing my gold and purple Blowfly costume with a silver mask, so I can get some chick to call me a bastard and turn me into the incredible fuck. I have to haul it in a truck, it's too big to suck, what motherfucking luck!

What's the most recent parody you've written?

On my new album, Black in the Sack, I do a tribute to Sam Cooke, where I tell you the truth about the sound of the men on the chain gang: "They ain't workin! That is the sound of the men/Butt fucking on the chain/gay-ang!"

Your guitarist has a reputation as a ladies' man. Whom has he seduced lately?

Billy the Kid always tells people he's the fastest cum in the West. But I think that's just because he needs to get out of there before the husbands and boyfriends show up!  Ladies, he's a handsome guy who does a great job on the guitar. But if you dance with him onstage, you are gonna be sore in the morning! And fuckin' over the bathroom sink does leave a bruise!

What kind of merch are you bringing with you?

Besides my freaky T-shirts and weird records I've got my bobblehead doll, the Blowfly Weird Wobbler. If you put it on your nightstand, all of your girlfriends will think your dick is as big as mine! And if you put it on your dashboard, everyone will get the hell out of your way!

How much fun did you have recording your spoof of the Dead Kennedy's song "Holiday in Cambodia"?

That was fun, because I got to make fun of R. Kelly — and every chance I get to make fun of that motherfucker is a chance I need to take. I've gone back to doing "I Believe My Dick Can Fly" in concert though, because it's Gary Glitter that got busted in Cambodia, not R. Kelly. R. Kelly gets out of everything, even when there's video — because his dick really can fly. And the DA is always gonna let him get away, until they finally subpoena his balls, because they will testify!

Who's your favorite rapper?

 I like the Furious Five! They just got back together, and we are planning a tour together. Think about what a message that would send!

Were you a 2 Live Crew fan?

[Front man] Luke [Campbell] came right out and said that without Blowfly, there would be no Luther Campbell. Mr. Mixxx has performed with us and he told me that his biggest regret was not using Blowfly samples like he used Dolemite samples. They were funny and they had their run, but where are they now? I got a record coming out in 2013. Have they released one in this century? I'm the one playing the Gathering of the Juggalos in August, not those motherfuckers. And that is important because there is no denying the gathering is the biggest freak party of the year. And the King of the Freaks will show those kids how it's done!

What do you think of rapper Danny Brown?

I think getting head onstage is something every performer should experience. Luke did it with the 2 Live Crew in Tokyo and now Danny Brown is getting onstage crown. It ain't like anyone buys records anymore, so why not show your favorite artist just how much you care?

You're now seventysomething years old. Have you started to slow down?

I have a bunch of young guys fly me around the world so I can sing dirty songs to beautiful women who know I'm a movie star and treat me like a legend. Would you slow down?

Are you still as nasty as a blowfly?

I'm worse than an insect blowfly. They lay eggs on dead things. I lay eggs on dead things and live things, like un-douched pussy. And then a whole bunch of maggots come out to freak out the world, led by my son, Faggy Maggie.

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