Party Dream and Grand Buffet

Grand Buffet
Two of the Rustbelt's great smartass bands play the Grog Shop (2785 Euclid Hts. Blvd., 216-321-5588) Saturday, December 23: Youngstown new-wave revivalists Gil Mantera's Party Dream and Pittsburgh alt-rap duo Grand Buffet. Scene interviewed the Dream's Ultimate Donny and GB's Lord Grunge. Ultimate Donny Scene: For the set, are you doing anything special for holiday season? Gonna bust out "Brave New Xmas"? Donny: Not sure. It's a great idea, but we seem to steer clear of those. We'll almost inevitably bust out "Brave New I Hate Myself" in some form. Scene: Any new material in the set? Donny: Cleveland will get two new jams at the very least. Scene: What else is going on? Donny: I've decided during this tour that I'm going to front a Creed tribute band. As soon as we get home, I'll start recruiting members. This is no joke. I plan on dropping a few pounds from the gut and continuing with my daily pushups to really nail the Stapp image. If it happens the way I plan -- if at all -- it will be magical. Lord Grunge: Scene: When's the new album coming? Grunge: ASAP. It was supposed to be out like, now, but things are running way behind. Definitely early 2007. Not too early, though. Scene: Safe to say you've never performed the same set twice? Grunge: Very safe. Each show is its own hot pile of stinky-ass basement funk. Yay for us. Scene: What else is going on? Grunge: Our country's being turned into a fucking police state. Mind your Ps and Qs, Cleveland. Resist the oppression. Let's squash the goddamned football beef and make Northeastern Ohio and Western P-A the 51st state, free of all blue-laws and other horseshit legislation. Either that, or let's all move to New Hampshire and square off against the Fourth Reich and become the true patriots our founding fathers meant for us to be. -- DX Ferris
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