Fatherfucker (Beggar's Banquet)

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Sticking to her formula of stripped-down, sexed-up beats, Peaches has followed up her 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches, with an equally libidinous album. Fatherfucker is full of electro-punk mayhem, overtly sexual lyrics, and gender-twisting visual accompaniments.

The album intro samples Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation," randied up by Peaches' ranting that she "don't give a . . ." about her bad rep. Like Jett, Peaches ain't posturing. Yet she also laughs at herself on tracks like "Kick It," a down-and-dirty duet with Iggy Pop. When Peaches tells Iggy, "I'm not 16, but I got leather boots and suede," he dismisses her with "Ah, go fuck your pain away."

His reply isn't the album's first reference to Teaches. Apart from smoother production, a fuller rhythm section, and a bit of sleeker vocal work, Fatherfucker doesn't show much in the way of growth at all. But even if it's basically more Teaches of Peaches, the naughty nectar is still pretty sweet.

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