Peter Walker

With Jack Rose and Henry James. Sunday, December 3, at the Beachland Tavern.

Peter Walker Jack Rose
Like moms at a Macy's underwear sale, indie scenesters have dug deep and unearthed yet another hidden treasure: acoustic guitarist Peter Walker. In the early '60s, Walker ran a guitar shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts, while the seminal folk label Vanguard released two albums featuring the instrumentalist's steel-string guitar work. He then married, developed a profound interest in flamenco, and fell completely off the radar, until hip musicians including axemen Ben Chasny and Jack Rose started dropping his name in interviews. Rose, in fact, can be credited as one of the prime movers behind the current interest in long-forgotten folkies, and like Walker, he plays steel-string guitar, the charms of which are many. The nerds in the crowd dig the virtuosity; the heads get meditative, and the rest of us lunks use the music as a soundtrack for making out.
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