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Tarantino's drive-in tribute tops this week's pop-culture picks.

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A scene from Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. Do you really need more incentive to see it?
A scene from Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. Do you really need more incentive to see it?
TOP PICK -- Death Proof
(Genius Products/Weinstein Company)
Quentin Tarantino's half of the Grindhouse saga comes to DVD in an extended and unrated cut that piles on the blood and the babes. After psycho stuntman Kurt Russell orchestrates a limb-severing, life-ending accident involving four Austin girls, he resurfaces in Tennessee, where a group of potential new victims fights back -- with a badass 1970 Dodge Challenger. The director's homage to '70s drive-in flicks is one of the year's most thrilling joyrides.

VIDEO GAME -- BioShock
This revolutionary first-person shooter (for the Xbox 360) includes the most awe-inspiring visuals to ever pop up on a video game. It also features absolutely stunning game play. Stranded in an underwater city that's swimming with genetically enhanced assassins, gamers wind their way through various levels, using their environment as weapons. Best: electrobolt-equipped fingertips -- perfect for zapping baddies. Hands down, the year's best game.

TV -- Curb Your Enthusiasm
The sixth season of cable television's funniest show kicked off last week with Larry and his wife adopting a family that was displaced by a hurricane. This week, they all move into a temporary house after a fire guts part of their old one. Larry also scuffles with Ted Danson over philanthropic credit. Larry David's misanthropic protagonist is as cranky as ever, and we couldn't love him more. It airs at 10 p.m. on Sunday.

DVD -- The Office: Season 3
We still prefer the original British version of this cubicle comedy, but the Emmy-hogging stateside adaptation finally hit its stride in the third season. This four-disc set includes all 22 episodes, commentaries, and a hilarious head-banging music video starring delusional sales rep Dwight Schrute. Plus, more than three hours of deleted scenes showcase the series' terrific cast -- one of TV's tightest ensembles.

CD -- Sound of the City: New York Area Doo-Wop (1956-1966)
(Time Life)
Doo-wop isn't just for gray-haired PBS viewers. Martin Scorsese, The Sopranos, and a bunch of other folks (some of them aren't even Italian) dig it too. This three-disc box pays tribute to '50s street-corner harmonizers like the 4 Seasons and Dion & the Belmonts. Most of the 59 tracks come from N.Y.C. and New Jersey groups featuring pasta-lovin' white guys: the Elegants ("Little Star"), the Regents ("Barbara Ann"), and the Capris ("There's a Moon out Tonight"). Bada bing!

COURTESY FLUSH, PLEASE -- David Bowie: Glass Spider
The Thin White Duke was just beginning his creative decline in 1987, when this DVD/CD concert souvenir was recorded. Despite performances of some of his best songs -- including "Rebel, Rebel," "Young Americans," and "Heroes" -- the overstuffed arrangements and cluttered sets make them pretty much impenetrable. Plus, the 50-foot spider that spits out a quartet of dancing ladies ranks as one of Bowie's dumbest ideas -- and no, we haven't forgotten that "Dancing in the Street" duet with Mick Jagger.

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