Psych Ward

Chapter 1: Committed (Blood Realm Records)

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Psych Ward
Psych Ward is out to get your goat -- and then hump it. If you're offended by bestiality, gratuitous reefer references, and skits mocking retarded folks, this rap-and-roll trio has some advice for you: "Learn to take a joke/Your parents did/Even though they spent the first year wishin' for SIDS." And so goes the band's latest disc, Committed, an album inspired by porn, Satan, and N.W.A.

Psych Ward's coarse trailer-park rap is firmly entrenched in the Juggalo nation. MCs Mr. Sick, Dee-Bo Crazy, and Dameon/White Trash rhyme in gritty, chain-smoking rasps over pointedly primitive, slo-mo beats and sampled guitar. There's the expected marijuana shout-outs -- "Weed, weed, the miracle fruit/Without it, I can't even push out a poop" -- and plenty of songs about swilling Pabst and punching people. Yeah, it's all pretty juvenile and sophomoric -- the hip-hop equivalent of lighting farts for an hour. But it's also pretty damn funny, though be forewarned: Chuckling along with these pervs will probably cost you a few friends.

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