Q-Burns Abstract Message

Friday, September 10, at the Museum of Contemporary Art .

Q-Burns Abstract Message The Museum of Contemporary Art Friday, September 10 (early show) and the B-Sides Liquor Lounge (late show)
Q-Burns Abstract Message
Q-Burns Abstract Message
Q-Burns Abstract Message Orlando, Florida's Q-Burns Abstract Message (Michael Donaldson) was one of America's brightest hopes in the erstwhile electronica boom of '97 (he opened for the Chemical Brothers and Fatboy Slim on their North American tours that year and later signed to Astralwerks).

Q-Burns's early tracks (helpfully collected on Oeuvre) marked him as a U.S. analogue to Britain's Big Beat contingent, which brought raucous rock energy to sampladelic funk. He was also one of the few Yanks to place tracks on the once standard-setting Wall of Sound label. On 1998's Feng Shui, Q-Burns made funky house, quirky big beat, R&B, ethnodelica, and even a spangling version of Faust's proto-shoegazer classic "Jennifer" rewardingly coexist. But rather than blowing up upon the release of this strong album, Q-Burns faded away. Following 2001's slicker, weaker Invisible Airline, which probably helped to sour Astralwerks for good on this zany electronica business, Q seems to have given up original productions for remixing duties and an endless global DJ tour, including gigs in Siberia and Colombia. On the circuit, Q is known for sets that encompass deep house, nü-breaks, downtempo, and funky techno. Let's hope he'll be touchin' on something special tonight -- like maybe his Britney Spears/Basic Channel mash-up.

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