Relapse Contamination Tour

With Buried Inside, Facedowninshit, Unearthly Trance, and Fuck the Facts. Sunday, September 3, at Peabody's.

Relapse Contamination Tour
When you put "shit" or "fuck" right in your band's name, you're officially going after a certain demographic and nobody else. New Orleans sludge pusher Facedowninshit is not looking to get on TRL -- or even Headbanger's Ball, for that matter. It's after the folks who wish Eyehategod toured more. Unearthly Trance works a similar doom-sludge rut -- its latest, The Trident, is loud, slow, and ugly. It gets extra points for being from Long Island and still sounding like the bandmates were fished out of the waterlogged post-Katrina wreckage.

Buried Inside and Fuck the Facts are the more immediately interesting of the four bands on the bill. They both play fast, but Buried Inside is composed of tech-minded art-grinders, whose album Chronoclast was a sort of post-hardcore concept album. Despite being named for a Naked City song, Fuck the Facts is slightly less arty, but it has a secret weapon -- a female vocalist. She 's likely to be one of the few women to be seen at this gig, and she screams even harder than Arch Enemy's Angela Gossow.

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