Richard Buckner

With Damien Jurado. Thursday, October 7, at the Grog Shop.

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Brian Wilson Music Hall, 1220 East 6th Street 8 p.m. Thursday, October 7; $39.50/$45/$59.50, 216-241-5555
With its insistently driving acoustic guitar and opening preoccupation with "brakelights showing," the obliquely dark lead track from singer-songwriter Richard Buckner's upcoming Dents and Shells could easily serve as a musical extension of Crash, J.G. Ballard's nefarious novel of automobile-impact obsession. But "A Chance Counsel" was actually inspired by a late-night Arizona encounter.

"That night, I had a conversation with this artist until like three in the morning. It started in a bar and ended in the Hotel Congress, talking about this idea she had for a painting and her process," Buckner says. "At the same time I was kind of thinking about my life. I'm glad I had this like five-hour conversation that night, because the song might not have happened, you know."

The song is also Buckner's favorite from the new record, albeit for different reasons. "Right now I lean towards it because I love the bass line," he says. "The bass player really made the song different, but also it's the first song where I've really done a full-fledged guitar solo."

Left alone with an unfinished tune and a single day of studio time remaining, Buckner retreated to his hotel room.

"I stayed up until like eight the next morning, writing a solo on like four different tracks. I'm not really a lead guitar player, but I could layer it that way and see how things went. It's the first time I've ever done that."

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