Road Trip Concert Review: Bonnaroo Pt. 4

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Living in Cleveland, I thought the only band that wore pig costumes onstage was Mushroomhead. I was wrong. Of Montreal not only had a pig mask onstage, they also busted out giant fiberglass arms that spit balls to the crowd and a bunch of frolicking football players.

On record, Of Montreal are one confusing band. But onstage it all kinda comes together (the electro-pop, the singer dressed like an angel) and sorta makes sense …. or no sense at all. They did put on a great show, and they were probably on the same thing as many audiences members were. But who's judging?


After running back and forth between stages, there’s nothing like sitting back on the main festival lawn and giving the legs a rest while listening to Wilco. After taking in a bunch of electronic and dance groups over the past couple days, it was nice to hear some great (and totally laid-back) musicians play onstage.

The enchanting Decemberists drew in quite a crowd with their medieval costumes — including instrument-playing pixies and maidens. It made for some dramatic moments during their show, which was filled with songs from the recent Hazards of Love album. —Carissa Bowlin

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