Rock Hall Hangover: More From the Floor


Yes, the crowd on the floor for the Rock Hall inductions was a group of mostly white, mostly older folks who looked like they had money to burn. But that didn’t mean they were opposed to having some fun. And it didn’t mean the floor seats (which cost something like $1500 a pop) were only occupied by out-of-towners. Local
politicians like councilman Zack Reed (drinking nothing but bottled water, mind you) and congressman Dennis Kucinich were spotted mingling with the high rollers.

Beachland co-owners Mark Leddy and Cindy Barber were spotted at a table. Grog Shop owner Kathy Simkoff and Telarc’s Larry Bole were also down on the floor. While most of the racket came from the rafters (every time a presenter said something about the city of Cleveland and/or Metallica, the crowd erupted like LeBron James had just thrown down a thunderous dunk), patrons on the floor showed their enthusiasm at various moments
throughout the four-hour show. When Bobby Womack finished his medley, an ovation ensued.

Jimmy Page also got a resounding ovation as he came out to induct Jeff Beck, whom he said had been his friend since they were both in their early teens. Page, ad-libbing his speech, talked extensively about how Beck had gotten “better and better over the years.” And when Page emerged from stage right to join Jeff Beck for an instrumental rendition of Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song,” cell phones and portable cameras were hoisted into the air.

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