Rock Night

With DJs Angry Adam and Luscious Larry Little. Tuesday, January 16 and 23. The Lime Spider, 207 S. Main St., Akron, 330-762-2350.

Rock Night
The good folks at Akron's Lime Spider don't do anything half-assed. When it came time to organize a rock night, they went full throttle and recruited Beast drummer Adam Goldman and Duma/ex-Don Austin frontman Larry Gargus, who put the pedal to the heavy metal. To minimize shock and trauma, they'll spin some '80s arena rock. In addition to a little Def Leppard and very much Van Halen, they'll be serving up smoldering ingots from Blue Cheer to Iron Maiden. "It's sure to be a debacle of mammoth proportions," promises Gargus. It's also ladies' night -- chicks dig Judas Priest -- and board game night, with grilled-cheese sandwich specials for guys and gals. Gotta be worth braving a few smokin' solos, right?

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