Rocked-N-Loaded 2

With Lords of the Highway, Eight Ball Grifter, Coffin Bangers, and Blatant Finger. Saturday, January 11, at the Lime Spider in Akron.

Piebald, with Fairweather, My Chemical Romance, and Lobster Clause The Grog Shop, 1765 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights 8 p.m. Friday, January 10, $10, 216-321-5588.
When the frontman for the Philadelphia Experiment bellows that "There's something to be said for music that knocks you on your ass" on one of the many fine cuts that propel Rock and Roll Purgatory's Rocked-N-Loaded 2, it sounds like the compilation's mission statement. Ripe with tales of blazing sphincters and marauding fire ants, Rocked-N-Loaded 2 is a loud, lewd affair that packs as many puerile thrills as a game of Twister with the Swedish bikini team.

To celebrate Rocked-N-Loaded's release, the old-school punk and rockabilly fetishists that constitute the Purgatory gang are throwing a bash at the Lime Spider this Saturday. In a show that has Excedrin written all over it, the bill will be topped by Cleveland's own Lords of the Highway. Purveyors of muscular rockabilly that thankfully owes more to Black Sabbath than Brian Setzer, the Lords are ballsy and buoyant. Erie, Pennsylvania's Coffin Bangers will deliver rollicking "rot and roll" that's equal parts surf, Satan, and Schlitz. Rounding out the lineup is the gritty howl of Lansing, Michigan's Eight Ball Grifter, as greasy and bad for you as a Big Mac, and the barroom blitz of Columbus's Blatant Finger. Show up, throw up, and join these bands in refusing to ever grow up.

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