Salt the Wound: Scene says OK, Decibel says Meh

Signed to LA's Rotten Records -- home to underground sensations including Acid Bath, which featured Elphantboy & Deadman mainman Dax Riggs -- Salt the Wound is Cleveland's latest breakout metal talent. Read a review of their indie-label debut, Carnal Repercussions, in this week's Scene. It's not just a noteworthy release because they're local boys. The death/grind metal crew also received a write-up in this month's issue of Decibel (June 2008, no. 44, p. 106), by far the most literate metal magazine. Decibel didn't think they're as novel as we did; the review is a long-form comparison to deadly Michigan metalers the Black Dahlia Murder, who play a similarly technical, grinding kind of music -- but better. In fact, what we liked most about the disc -- it's novelly un-misogynist lyrics -- Decible hated, noting, "Carnal Repercussions is perhaps most annoying in the discnonnect between the brootal artwork (yay, death metal!), the soul-searching lyrics (yay, emo!), and the snaky song titles ("Peas and Carrots"? WTF?!)." But, hey, to each his own. At least the guys got some ink that's not on their arms. -- D.X. Ferris
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