Saul Glennon

Touchy Feely (GDR!)

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Shaun of the Dead
Songwriter and guitarist Jack Rugan's first record was the Beatles' "Paperback Writer" single. The other members of Saul Glennon hail from the end of Generation X, which embraced Britpop anew in the 1990s. The band's been making music together since Oasis hit big, and its last release was called British Garage Invasion. If you haven't pieced it together, this Slavic Village outfit plays the kind of breezy pop that merged with the shoegazer movements to yield lighter-than-air acts like Belle & Sebastian.

Touchy Feely's two triple-mellow 15-song discs are nearly mirror images of each other, but their variations are sublime and subtle. "Going to Pieces," the centerpiece of the Feely disc, takes a blues rhythm, drapes it over a delicate structure, and fills it with a weeping psychedelic guitar. If the free-form songs fade into the background, tracks like "Tremolo(ve)" will grab your attention, and on the next listen, you'll give the album the attention it deserves.

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