Silverstein Displays True Camaraderie at House of Blues Concert

Concert Review

Silverstein celebrated 15 years as a band and 10 years of Discovering the Waterfront last night at House of Blues with long-time fans of the band. With their flawless performance, they showed why they have been around for as long as they have and as successful as they have been. As singer Shane Told bellowed the opening lyrics of “Smashed Into Pieces” as the band took the stage, it was easy to see why the band has endured for 15 years. Told sounded like he hasn't missed a step in all those years behind the mic; he was still able to hit all his shrieking screams.

After playing fan favorites like “Massachusetts,” “Vices” and the new song “A Midwestern State of Emergency” the band went even further back. Told thanked old loyal fans and said the next song was for them as they were going back 12 years to “Bleed No More.” Told roared through the song with ease. Then it was finally time to celebrate Discovering the Waterfront. Silverstein left the stage as crew members unfurled a giant flag sporting the band’s name. The flag fell to reveal the artwork of Discovering the Waterfront. The band came back out to start “Your Sword versus My Dagger,” the first of 11 songs on the album.

The band eventually made it to a huge fan favorite “My Heroine.” In this song one of the most chill-inducing and amazing moments happened for fans at the show. As Told went into the chorus for the last time, he sang the first few words and stopped as the crowd took over and patrons sang the entire chorus unassisted as the band stood on stage and sung along. It was such a small moment, but for fans and anyone there, it was huge. It showed how many people this album has affected and how many it truly sticks with.

After a couple more songs it was time for the last song, “Call It Karma.” The band played the first half of the song acoustic and then lead guitarist Paul Marc Rousseau and rhythm guitarist Josh Bradford came out to play along. Once they had finished, they flicked their picks at one another and laughed. Camaraderie like this was on display the entire night as the band laughed and smiled as they played alongside each other. It truly is great to see a band doing what they love with people they care about and hopefully it means Silverstein is here to stay for years to come.

Columbus natives Beartooth warmed the crowd up prior to Silverstein’s headlining performance. Never will you see an energy and ability to captivate and control a crowd like you will from frontman Caleb Shomo. As he jumps and bounces around the stage, he's still able to hit his brutal lows and melodic cleans. During the opening of “Body Bag,” Shomo had the crowd mirror his screams of “one life” with “one decision,” the opening lyrics of the song. The crowd exploded, bringing much needed energy back into the show. Between songs, the crowd would burst into O-H-I-O chants. Shomo eventually took over the O-H portion with thunderous I-O responses from the crowd. The entire time, he talked about how much this show meant, and with each song it felt more and more like he was playing a hometown gig. 
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