With Lowfish. Saturday, February 2, at the Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights.

Solvent electro-pop Lowfish

Much of the current electro-pop scene thrives on throwaway novelty numbers. Toronto's Solvent (actually one-man band Jason Amm) is an exception. Favoring the warm sounds of '80s-style analog synths, Solvent is more than just a bedroom producer with good presets; he's got a true flair for developing memorable melodies. The just-released Demonstration Tape (1997-2007) compiles highlights from Amm's decade-long career as well as some tasty, previously unreleased cuts. Among the best: "A Panel of Experts," which sounds like a timeless Kraftwerk track — but with a bit more subtlety than those Teutonic robots could ever muster. It doesn't come as much of a surprise to hear that Solvent is adored by German DJs, who particularly dig the anthemic "My Radio." They may be responsible for David Hasselhoff's music career, but they sure know their techno.

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