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Jesse McCoy lays it out for you.

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Rambler 454
Rambler 454 is a trio of honky-tonk hellraisers who can definitely drink you under the table. Drummer Jesse McCoy shares his thoughts on some albums you need to own.

I kinda feel like we're in some kind of musical lull right now. There isn't much new music that really grabs me. However, there are a few newer CDs that I've been rockin' repeatedly. Sufjan Stevens caught my ear with some of his more lively tracks on Illinois, though the slower songs have a tendency to trigger my skip finger. But there was no way I could pass up an album with a song like "Come on! Feel the Illinois!" Know what I mean?

Dan [McCoy, Rambler 454 singer-guitarist] picked up the new Waco Bros. disc, Freedom and Weep, when they played the Rock Hall this summer. Fuck, yeah! This is some good boozin' rock with a discontented political message -- the title kinda gives that away.

This might sound like it's coming from left field, but I'm also really enjoying the mix of indie rock, world, and clubby-sounding stuff from the self-titled Brazilian Girls CD. It doesn't hurt at all that the singer is a serious piece of ass.

While it isn't new, the latest Los Super Seven release, Heard It on the X, has been in my CD player for a long time. The mix of roots, Tex-Mex, blues, and Texas swing has truly made this one of my favorite albums.

With our nasty gas prices, I've been trying to ride my bicycle to work more often. I've found that if I have Iggy Pop's Raw Power kicking the crap out of my eardrums on the bike ride, I can pedal the trip a good 10 minutes faster. So, Raw Power is definitely on repeat on my mp3 player, especially on biking days. It really gives you a kick when you're trying to pedal through a hangover. Thanks, Iggy, for making sure I get to work on time.

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