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Sara Eugene lays it out for you.

Akron's 20goto10 makes moody synth-pop that reimagines the glory days of new wave. Singer Sara Eugene shares some of her favorites.

What have you been listening to lately?
I listened to Ladytron on the way to work today, for whatever "cool equity" that gets me. There's a great band from N.Y.C. called Jupiter One that's blowing my mind. My friend says it's like Yes crossed with Portishead. At home, I listen to Nat King Cole when I'm cleaning house, Loverboy when I'm doing dishes, and a lot of Britpop when I'm just sitting around.

In your band's bio, it says you're a fan of '80s hair metal. Give us a few of your favorite albums from that era.
Music that's big, dramatic, and melodic is definitely my idea of a good time. I like the Scorpions a lot. They're kind of ugly and creepy, but man, can that Klaus Meine sing! Quiet Riot is fun. Metal Health is a highly entertaining record -- "SLICK! . . . BLACK! . . . CADILLAC!"

What are some essential rainy-day albums?
Apart from Metal Health? The Smiths are good for rainy days. Also, the Longpigs/Muse/Manic Street Preachers. Good old '90s Britpop seems like it was crafted simply for the sake of drizzly afternoons. Kraftwerk is oddly appropriate for inclement weather.

What records are guaranteed to clear you from the room?
Stuff that's boring and unmelodic. I never got grunge. When I was in high school, my classmates were listening to Pearl Jam and Green Day and Live and all that other stuff. Indistinguishable sludge. I'm glad someone cares about it, I guess. But maybe not caring is the whole point.

Name some albums that never fail to improve your mood.
David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust and Hunky Dory. Saga, Worlds Apart. Journey, Escape. The Cars, Heartbeat City. (I know, I know.) Survivor, Vital Signs. Actually, when I'm feeling really cranky, I tend to reach for my favorite mixtapes/CDs from friends. They always make me feel loved.

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