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Katherine Isenhart lays it out for you.

Katherine Isenhart
Katherine Isenhart is marketing and promotions coordinator at the Beachland, one of the city's busiest clubs.

What have you been listening to lately?

Alt-country/Americana, garage, and punk -- including Rhett Miller's new release, The Believers, and the Black Keys.

Is listening to music ever a chore?

I need to listen to music all the time. I grew up in a house with a huge range of musical styles: classical, country, Cajun, Latin, rock, folk. So I was lucky on that. I always listen to a new band's CD before I try to communicate it to others. It's only a chore when I can't get the music from the record label or band fast enough.

What group did you stumble on last year that made it all worthwhile?

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Shurman -- and of course it was great to see Alejandro Escovedo back touring again.

It's winter in Cleveland. What music makes you happy?

Reigning Sound, Boss Martians, Mint, Devil Doll.

What music made you cross the line from music fan to industry professional ?

I had just started a marketing-PR company for small businesses when I got the chance to do promotion for a show with guitarist Mick Taylor (formerly of the Stones). The rest, as they say, is history.

What can an aspiring band do to increase its chances of landing a show at the Beachland ?

I could write a book on that! Some things you shouldn't do are call up and ask, "What kind of music do you guys do?" Or "What is your address?" Or "Can I put you on hold while I answer my other line?" Established clubs are looking for new bands with a following, so I would start playing in smaller clubs first. If you are local, spending time at the club getting to know people is always good.

The Beachland is famously eclectic. What do you listen to that the club won't book?

I think we've had everything here except opera. I wouldn't mind working with a new opera. That would be fun!

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