Sound Advice

Jugoe lays it out for you.

Representing Cleveland's Nitty Gritty party crew, Jugoe (aka Jude Goergen) records dance music for Brooklyn's Bastard Jazz label when he's not spinning at the Mercury Lounge, Lava Lounge, or Touch.

What have you been listening to lately?

I usually bump NPR in the car, or whatever is on WCSB or WRUW.

What do you call the music you work with?

As of late, my DJ sets have been pretty eclectic. However, I typically stay within the realms of dub, Afrobeat, Latin breaks, and rare grooves.

What's good dance music for people who don't like dance music?

It's relative. I could be playing what I feel is a great dance track, and then someone will ask for something they can dance to.

Say we need to get the party moving. What works every time?

Old-school hip-hop, disco, or funk always works. Try Blondie's "Rapture," Funkadelic's "Knee Deep," or Zapp's "More Bounce." A little cheese goes a long way.

What's the good and bad of Cleveland, compared to other cities you frequent?

This scene is pretty much the same everywhere (except for larger, more progressive cities like N.Y.C., San Fran, and L.A.). Like most midsized cities, Cleveland doesn't have enough people to support music that may be a bit left field. Don't get me wrong: There are a number of people in this city who are into what I would consider good music, and when they get together it can be amazing -- just don't plan on it happening more than once a month.

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