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Derrick Green lays it out for you.

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Derrick Gree
Derrick Green played with Cleveland hardcore legend Outface before replacing Sepultura frontman Max Cavalera. The veteran metal band is earning raves for its new album, Dante XXI.

What have you been listening to lately?
Keelhaul, Raised Fist, Danko Jones, John Coltrane, Jurassic 5, Kyuss, Mother Love Bone, Scream.

How did you connect with Sepultura?
I moved to New York and started another band with one of the members from Outface. Years later, someone I knew at Sepultura's label called me to say that the group was looking for a singer. I was given a tape of a song they were working on and asked to put my vocals on it. They liked what I did and asked me to come to Brazil. The rest is history.

How has being part of the Brazilian culture affected how you relate to music?
It's always a learning experience. Everything from speaking with people, learning the language, the politics -- even down to the food; it all has an effect. And I can take this and use it in our music to try and come up with something creative.

Fondest Cleveland musical memory?
Seeing the Cro-Mags play for the first time in Tremont. That show changed my life. I made the decision from then on to go after heavy music.

Favorite Cleveland album?
Integrity, Humanity Is the Devil.

Two of Northeast Ohio's major musical exports have been replacements for metal icons -- you and Ripper Owens. Coincidence?

Why do you think Cleveland's hardcore and metal roots run so deep?
Passion for the music. I think when people are being themselves and add that to their music, it creates something very special, something real. Something unique: Clevo!

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