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Axl looks to turn Cleveland into Paradise come November.
Axl looks to turn Cleveland into Paradise come November.
We were only ten minutes into the media preview party for Modä, the hip new Ohio City nightclub, when we started feeling like Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog. As Columbus DJ Shell, positioned at a huge concave platform, began spinning and an elaborate lighting rig got going, Modä's 1,500-gallon cryogenics machine began spewing a thick fog that made it hard to see your hand in front of your face. As the fog parted, a trio of dancers became visible, working it on top of big risers that triangulated the dance floor. It was a pretty impressive display, equally carnal and celestial. Kind of like Flashdance at the Pearly Gates.

St. Peter himself could have got his groove on right at those gates; that's how resonant the club's custom-built Nexo sound system is. With the club's sleek, powder-blue interior, mirrored V.I.P. area, and four bars, it's all meant to bring a touch of South Beach to Cleveland.

With its new fall tour -- with High on Fire and Shadows Fall -- lined up and sales of its major-label debut over the 200,000 mark, Mushroomhead can see its coffers expanding along with its fan base. The group may want to double-check on that, however: Last week, a member of Mushroomhead's management team, Alex Guerrero of Spivak Entertainment, was charged with multiple counts of forgery and grand theft, after he allegedly stole $30,000 from Motörhead's Lemmy Kilmister (for whom Guerrero had once worked as a management assistant). Guerrero was released on $15,000 bond and is set to appear in court on October 9. Kilmister said recently in Allstar News, "He watered my plants when I was on tour, got his hands on a checkbook, and just wrote checks to himself." No word yet on whether Mushroomhead got soaked like Lemmy's rhododendrons.

Not since Sears met Roebuck and Johnson hooked up with Johnson has a more bitchin' pairing come about than when Cleveland metal institution Breaker recently hit the studio with UFO bassist Pete Way. Breaker is currently laying down tracks for its next album -- the first with new vocalist Jeff Shirilla -- on which the band had planned to record a UFO cover. Breaker called Way's manager to see if Pete wanted to join them, he agreed, and the rest -- along with lots of beer -- is history.

"Pete, Frank [Power, Way's manager], his girlfriend, and their dog all dropped in for the session, and it was a blast," Breaker drummer Mark Klein recalls. "I'm not sure if we did more drinking or recording." Yeah, but did the band get any tips from the aging Way -- who will be back in town for an October 4 show at the Revolution -- on how to headbang in your 40s without sustaining injury?

"Sorry, he wouldn't give up any of that info," Klein says. "I'm guessing alcohol helps."

Yeah, we've all heard the jokes about how broke most musicians are (Q: How do you get a guitar player off your front porch? A: Pay for the pizza), but instead of laughing with the rest of us, the folks at Henkel Consumer Adhesives in Avon are doing something about it. The makers of Duck brand duct tape are sponsoring a music contest in which musicians can win $2,500 for writing songs about, you guessed it, duct tape. "Individuals, duets, groups -- anyone who writes original lyrics and music about duct tape, we're gonna find the best and give them some cash," says spokesperson Laura Domokos. Get the rules at Then get a life.

Anyone who caught Guns N' Roses' ill-fated appearance at this year's MTV Music Awards knows that the band appears to be lacking in the live department: Axl sang as if someone had knotted a mohair sweater around his larynx. Nevertheless, GNR has decided to hit the road for the first time in close to a decade. Though no Ohio dates have been confirmed, an early itinerary has the band hitting Gund Arena on November 24. Normally, we'd be all excited by such news, but GNR has already scuttled a European tour, also planned for this fall; the band's long-awaited Chinese Democracy still has no release date; and you know, it's hard to hold a candle in that cold November rain.

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