Soundtrack of Our Lives

With Citizen Bird and Cato Salsa Experience. Tuesday, November 12, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The Man From Elysian Fields
Its very name gives you a clue as to the scale of Soundtrack of Our Lives' ambitions. Formed from the ashes of Sweden's very own garage rock heroes Union Carbide Productions, Soundtrack has gone on to shoplift tricks from virtually every other rock band of distinction -- prog, Southern, psychedelic, glam, what-have-you -- over the course of its three-LP history. But as they say, talent borrows, genius steals. And it takes a special kind of genius to generate melodies as mellifluous as the ones on the band's first Stateside release, Behind the Music, right on the heels of a multipronged axe attack.

So what if the band's sound verges on parody? Soundtrack of Our Lives may be the That '70s Show of the current music scene, but it has the power of conviction. If it doesn't get to your eardrums first, Soundtrack will indeed blow your mind.

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