Stay Fucked

With Archaeopteryx. Saturday, July 1, at the Church.

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Stay Fucked Archaeopteryx
Imagine the Jesus Lizard's David Yow wrapping his sweaty self around Emerson, Lake & Palmer and squeezing real tight, and you'd have a pretty good idea what Stay Fucked sounds like. The confrontationally named Brooklyn trio describes its music as "prog for kids with ADD" and does the tricky math-rock stuff in a quick and dirty punk style. While drummer Hank Schteamer modestly describes the group's live show as "not high concept," the bandmates exude a manic energy and manage to stay on top of their quirky time signatures while crashing into each other (and occasionally the audience).

The two-man aural assault of Archaeopteryx recalls noise band Hella, with a more old-school metal edge. The duo also manages a spastic, dancey sensibility -- don't be surprised if half the crowd seems to be feigning seizures during this set. The bands are touring in support of a recently released split CD-R, the highlight of which is a track that features all five members of both bands jamming together and creating a massive, dissonant wall of sound.

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