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Iron Man: Armored Adventures —

The Complete First Season

(Marvel Animation/Method/Genius/Vivendi)

Much better than the dumb-ass movie currently raking in millions at the multiplex, this animated series' first season is now available on DVD. There are 26 episodes here, and they get better as they go along — especially as secrets unfold and villains surface. The stories on these four discs are more narratively rich than Iron Man 2. Only thing we miss is Scarlett Johansson.


Gamera, The Giant Monster — Special Edition

(Shout! Factory)

You wouldn't think a movie about a giant, fire-breathing, flying turtle could be this awesome. But Gamera is all that and more, particularly now that it's been remastered to its widescreen glory. This is the original Japanese version of the 1965 movie, so there's no U.S. dubbing to mock. Bonuses include a lengthy essay, trailers, and a photo gallery. Take that, Godzilla!


Lightnin' Hopkins: His Life and Blues

(Chicago Review)

Beloved by folkies and blues fans, Hopkins was one of several obscure southern bluesmen whose work was discovered during the folk and blues boom of the '50s. Alan Govenar's in-depth bio tells Hopkins' story from bitter beginning (he was born a poor sharecropper's son, natch) to triumphant end. Dude made some killer tunes and was a ladies' man to boot.


Picross 3D


This brain-busting puzzle game was killer in 2-D. The new 3-D version (for the Nintendo DS) is even better. You basically cut away a bunch of cubes, one at a time, to get to a hidden image. The hard part is destroying the right pieces. Best of all, gamers can make and post their own puzzles that you can download and play. Be warned, though: You'll yell at your DS. Like, a lot.


Modern Warfare 2 Stimulus Package


Five terrific new online maps for one of the greatest video games of all time were released for the Xbox 360 at the end of March. Now they're finally available for PlayStation 3 and Windows PC gamers as a download. Two of the battlefields are brought in from the first Modern Warfare, but the new Bailout map — an abandoned and bloodstained hotel — is one of the very best.

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