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Dead Space 2


This sequel to the hit action game plays a lot like the Alien movies. Monsters chase you; you chase monsters. They try to kill you, and you obliterate them with whatever cool-ass weapons you have in your extensive arsenal. There are plenty of psychological thrills in the game (for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC), like constant cries in the background and things jumping out.


Cold War Kids:Mine Is Yours


The third album by these California indie rockers aims big – like U2-sized big, by way of Kings of Leon. The band’s compact piano rock is replaced here by vibrating guitars, epic soundscapes, and a grander sense of purpose. But they keep the pop-leaning hooks that made them music-blog stars five years ago. And Nathan Willet still sounds like he’s about to lose his cool.


Glee Season 2: Volume 1

(Twentieth Century Fox)

The gayest show on TV is dividing its second season into two parts for DVD release. This first volume includes the first 10 episodes. The celebrated Britney Spears episode is here; so is The Rocky Horror one. Extras include an unaired bonus song from Rocky Horrorand a feature that lets you head straight to the songs the cast covers, like Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind.”


Hatchet II

(Dark Sky/MPI)

This splatter pic was released unrated to theaters for good reason. There’s more blood, guts, and severed limbs in its 90 minutes than you’ll find in a dozen other slasher movies combined. The plot has something to do with the girl from the first movie heading back to the swamp for revenge. But that’s just an excuse to bring in chainsaws, motors, and even intestines for the kill.


George Michael:Faith: Special Edition


Before the drug and anonymous public-sex busts, Michael was a superstar. Well, not right before. But back in 1987, when his debut solo album came out, he was. This three-disc reissue shows why. Faith’s six hit singles are the anchors, but the CD of remixes and B-sides is good too. The DVD includes the album’s music videos, including the uncensored “I Want Your Sex.”

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