With the Warriors and All Shall Perish. Wednesday, January 24, at Peabody's.

The kids are not all right; in fact, they're f'n pissed off. Case in point: California's Terror, total hardcore dudes regurgitating the same juvenile jock mentality that made local Clevo "kids" One Life Crew into underground antiheroes.

On its newest disc, Always the Hard Way, Terror pulls no punches, delivering a straightforward onslaught of us-against-them rhetoric. The title track strikes like an illegal chokehold: chugging riffs followed by some of the most self-righteous vocals we've heard since the gospel of Earth Crisis. "Last of the diehards/You're proof this is more than words," preaches Scott Vogel, making the prissiest dude on the block run for the gym. Meanwhile, we're almost fooled into thinking the rager "Lost" is a forgotten Cinderella song, thanks to the eerie goth-glam intro. But then Nick Jett's breakneck drums lead us into a revolving mosh pit of frustration and unjust anger. "Just like you, I'm lost" we're told, and no doubt, we feel the pain.

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