The Aquarium

With Macitajs on Acid and Mystery of Two. Friday, August 3, at Parish Hall, Ohio City.

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The Aquarium Dischord indie folk
Dischord, the classic hardcore/indie label from Washington, D.C., has recently become a home for coed duos, including Soccer Team, the Evens, and the Aquarium. But that's where the bands' similarities end.

With swirling drones reminiscent of Man or Astroman?, the Aquarium's electric keyboards emit vintage garage-psych vibrations. At the same time, there's a ragged, lo-fi vibrancy to the Aquarium's sound that recalls mid-'90s Northeast noise pop like the Swirlies.

Busting lighthearted, mid-tempo grooves, drummer Laura Harris keeps the ride cymbal ringing while delivering a sturdy snare bounce and backing vocals. Keyboardist Jason Hutto's nasally croon suggests Jonathan Richman's off-kilter indie folk.

The Aquarium's self-titled debut from last year features several instrumentals (including the rave-up "Good People"), which provide opportunities for the duo to experiment with heady, less structured excursions.

The band often floods its live shows with visuals, courtesy of Hutto's collection of strange movies and video footage.

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