The Balomai Brothers

"You Don't Have to Like Us -- You Can Just Suck Our Dicks": A Ghoul Skit, or: Hungarian-American Idiot: A Junk Rock Opera (Junk Rock Records)

The Balomai Brothers
"Everybody that's involved in this type of thing is a fuckin' asshole," growls Balomai Brother Spike LeMay midway through his band's second LP. He's railing against the music industry, but of course, the Brothers are the biggest -- and funniest -- assholes of all.

Indebted to everyone from Frank Zappa to the Stray Cats, the Brothers bang out warped bizarro-pop, filling this obnoxiously hilarious LP with the sound of bong hits and songs that reference Bruce Springsteen's crotch. It wouldn't be that amusing if the music weren't so oddly catchy. The tambourine-laced "And Every Single Song Is Going to Sound Like This" is a faux hip-shaker that could be a hit if it weren't for the porn samples. And it's hard not to groove along to the band's take on Madonna's "Dress You Up." Yeah, it's stupid. But so is getting stoned and drunk. And listening to this disc is almost as fun.

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