The Fratellis

Here We Stand (Cherrytree/Interscope)

Fratellis Britrock Oasis

You've heard the Fratellis before. Maybe you're familiar with the Scottish trio from their 2007 iPod commercial. Or maybe you know one of the dozens of other Britrock bands they sound like. On their second album, Jon, Barry, and Mince Fratelli (not real brothers) sing a bunch of songs with big, bad guitar riffs, about shagging chicks and getting shit-faced. Like many post-Oasis bands, the Fratellis aim for the cheap seats every time out. Every song on Here We Stand packs enough voltage to power a medium-size city. At their best — like on "A Heady Tale," a piano-propelled rocker that sounds like an arena nugget from 1975, or the gutter-gazing "Acid Jazz Singer" — the Fratellis make you want to raise a pint and sing along. But most of the time, they merely blend inconspicuously into the bar's woodwork.

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