The Hacker

A.N.D. N.O.W . . . (Uncivilized World/Koch)

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The Hacker
Surprisingly, the electroclash kingpin -- of Miss Kittin & the Hacker fame -- is only now releasing his second mix album. On it, the Hacker, née Michel Amato, connects the past and present of electro, techno, EBM, and industrial.

Unfortunately, the first couple of tracks drag, and by the time "Liaisons Dangereuses" is out of the bag, it seems like an odd change of pace. Things do pick up speed, but it takes old-school treats like "Liaisons" (released in 1981) to really sweeten the deal. Even then the monochromatic space between the melodic "Brain Is Lost" and the spot-on throwback "Flesh&Bone" can be a test of tolerance. But Amato does respectfully mix his originals with Front 242 and Mount Sims alike.

A.N.D. N.O.W . . . can indeed remind converted rivetheads what attracted them to techno in the first place. Instead of pulling out all the latest material that sounds like old material, the Hacker opts to tend not only the flower but also its roots.

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