The Hollywood Blondes... from Youngstown

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Youngstown punkers the Hollywood Blondes are neither blonde nor from Hollywood
Money Where Your Mouth Is: Where Scene music writers stop trying to think of a synonym for "resplendent" and let a band talk itself up. Band: The Hollywood Blondes Hometown: Cleveland /Youngstown Sounds like: "Screeching Weasel / Ramones / Queers-type pop punk to entertain people with attention deficit disorders." Fun fact: "Our drummer Billy looks just like Uncle Joey from Full House and will give you the silent treatment if you shout 'Stephanie-isms' at him." Playing : Friday, February 23 at The Jigsaw in Parma (5324 State Rd. Parma, 216-351-3869) and Saturday, February 24 @ Chuck's Steakhouse (456 E South St., Akron, 330-384-1792). Why you need to see them: "You'll more than likely end up playing in a band with Tommy Teabagger. Or, if you're a girl who's slutty and/or crazy, our singer Stiv will probably write a song about you." -- Tommy Teabagger, bassist

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