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The Interns The Spot Saturday, August 14
If one good song is all the pretext a record company needs to put a band on radio and TV, the Interns have more than enough to make it. If there's another American Pie movie, they can play the role of New Found Glory, and "No Leg to Stand On" would work nicely in a montage -- maybe one of the gang fixing up a freshly divorced Jim's new apartment.

The Ravenna quartet plays hard-jabbing pop-punk with the best of them and dabbles in emo well too. "No Leg to Stand On" is a small-theater, full-crowd sing-along waiting to happen. Singer-guitarist Mike Sine understands what so many nü-punk lyricists haven't learned yet: Transcribing your thoughts and feelings doesn't constitute actual songwriting. "If you get your head screwed on straight, baby/You can make this better for the next guy/Fuck the next guy," he sings. Baby, get it together, and stay with these guys.

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