The Knife

Silent Shout (Mute)

The Knife
The images conjured by the duo's name and album title might have you jumping to conclusions about sullen faces, black clothing, veils, evil omens, and wicked synth. And you'd be right. Swedish siblings Olof Dreijer and Karin Dreijer Andersson even have taken to wearing monstrous masks and dressing like crows in their efforts to stir the ghost of techno and goad the chimera of goth. Deranged vocals, hypnotic bass lines, and enveloping theatrics place you front and center -- dancing optional -- for a mindfuck of goth-graced electro-techno-house that's as beautiful as it is spine-tingling.

The quiet, minimal sounds complement colorful lyrical imagery and poetic delivery, while the scattershot blips of the title track and the ice-princess vocals of "Na Na Na" yield to velvety textures of subtle digital musicianship.

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