The Revelers Yuletide Reunion

Saturday, December 23, at the Beachland Ballroom.

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Nightwatch The Revelers Yuletide Reunion, with Broke by Monday and Deli Bandits. Saturday, December 23, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The Revelers
The Revelers
Coming together in 1989, the Revelers were still in their teens when they started playing gigs around Cleveland. Exhibiting a willingness to play tiny venues for laughably little pay, the band released a single, but never seemed too serious about receiving more attention for its eclectic mix of '60s Anglo-pop, reggae, and art rock à la the Velvet Underground.

Eventually, though, the Revelers rented a house, packed their schedule full of gigs, recorded more material, then relocated to New York, seeking the same thing as so many other bands: a record deal. It came from SpinArt, an indie that also released titles by the Fastbacks and Dambuilders. But despite a flurry of releases, the band failed to sustain itself financially. This, coupled with tensions between members, spelled the demise of the Revelers in 1999. And that's what makes the Revelers Yuletide Reunion so significant: It will be the first time -- since the band's last gig, opening for Guided by Voices -- that many of these guys have played with one another, bringing those sweet melodies and jaunty rhythms back to life.

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