The Rogers Sisters

The Invisible Deck (Too Pure/Beggars Group)

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The Rogers Sisters
The Rogers Sisters are keeping their music as simple as their name (they're really sisters and really named Rogers). Sure, they've added some flute and feedback, and they've further layered their sound, but it remains raw and raucous, vibrating with soul through '60s garage and art rock.

Miyuki Furtado (not a sister) cuts The Invisible Deck wide open with "Why Won't You," a '70s-influenced guitar slasher that shows the Sisters bringing the noise. "Your Littlest World" is a dreamy, trippy six minutes of sludging bass, tambourine accents, and even flute. Easily the furthest departure from their past compositions -- and the standout on Deck -- the song moves in and out like a tide, while the relatively flat vocal delivery gives it a dirgelike quality. "You Undecided" is a bolt of twitching instrumentation that squelches and squeals its way from your head directly to your feet. Without the immediacy and urgency of the Three Fingers EP or the minimalist production of Purely Evil, The Invisible Deck shows a band taking risks and not looking back.

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