The Supersuckers

With Rhino Bucket. Wednesday, May 3, at the Beachland Ballroom.

The Supersuckers
Considering that Eddie Spaghetti began as the Supersuckers' Svengali by default (the original singer got the boot for the usual reason -- i.e., prima donna), he sure as shit has turned his dumb luck into a lifelong mission. If you'd stumbled upon this Seattle band's early '90s shotgun spray of amazing singles -- all Motörhead riff-revving motors and snotty Ramones rah-rah -- you wouldn't have guessed they'd last well into two decades, becoming a new garage-rock bar-band template, proud and perpetually restless like the old bluesmen of yore, writ punk. If they've stretched the limits to the point of near-caricature at times, they always find a way to keep things interesting, particularly through frequent studio and tour collaborations with classic indie-cred cools like Willie Nelson and Steve Earle, or newbies like the Electric Six.

Having survived the '90s alt-rock boom (including a ridiculous runaround with Interscope Records), the garage-punk revival, and a recent spirit-challenging split from original drummer Dan Siegel, the 'Suckers have their guitars cocked and they're rarin' to rock, as dependable as the lines on the miles of highway they churn every year.

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