The week's best releases from the pop-culture universe:

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Culture Jamming
CD -- Big Apple Rappin': Two discs document hip-hop's formation in N.Y.C. during the late '70s and early '80s. Most of the artists have been forgotten (only Spoonie Gee will elicit a nod of recognition), but the turntable scratching, microphone checking, and "yes, yes, y'all"s still resonate today. Without these records, there'd be no Kanye, Ghostface, or Fiddy.

CD -- Collected: Massive Attack has always been a complicated collective. Since its formation in 1990, none of its four albums has included the same lineup. Over the years, trip-hop pioneer Tricky, house siren Tracey Thorn (from Everything but the Girl), and club chanteuse Shara Nelson have laid down vocals over the group's atmospheric -- and decidedly British -- take on hip-hop. This two-CD compilation includes fan faves, remixes, and a few new tunes. It's a terrific primer to one of the '90s' most influential groups.

DVD -- God Bless Bloc Party: Skip the documentary on this DVD, which chronicles the Brit band's first U.S. tour. Go instead to the live performances, taken from a French festival where the nostalgia-peddling combo plays songs from its splendid debut, Silent Alarm. Even the baguette-eating audience can't resist the group's Cure-inspired dance rock.

BOOK -- The Meaning of Tingo and Other Extraordinary Words From Around the World: Thanks to Adam Jacot de Boinod, we now know how to hook up with Japanese girls (even if we can't correctly pronounce the pickup line). The author researched more than 250 languages, so that we can understand how ancient Greeks got back at men who slept with their wives. Hint: It involves a radish and a place where the sun don't shine.

TV -- Still Smokin' Thursday: Fire up the bong! Spike TV's got a day of weed-related programming scheduled on Thursday. It starts at 9 a.m. with Cheech and Chong's 1983 stoner classic, Still Smokin'. That's followed by three episodes of the sketch-comedy show Fresh Baked Videogames. It all culminates in a seven-hour marathon of MXC, the Japanese game show that's been dubbed into English. Only question: Is any self-respecting pothead really gonna be up at 9 a.m.?

VIDEOGAME -- Tourist Trophy: From the creators of Gran Turismo, the most awesome car-racing game ever, comes one of the best motorcycle sims. Like Turismo, the real struggle is to keep your ultrarealistic ride on the road. Choose from more than 100 real-life cycles, all expertly designed to look, sound, and feel like the originals. The action is so authentic, you almost expect to see Kellen Winslow flying ass over handlebars.

COURTESY FLUSH, PLEASE -- Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo: The Little Black Book Edition: A documentary, a director's video diary, and seven deleted scenes await masochists on this special-edition DVD. They add nothing to the movie, which, seven years after its release, still isn't funny. Rob Schneider's signature role as a fish-tank cleaner who pimps his ass for cash led to starring gigs in The Animal, The Hot Chick, and last year's Bigalow sequel, European Gigolo -- all increasingly sucky.

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