The week's best releases from the pop-culture universe.

Culture Jamming
DVD -- Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic: The world's cutest potty-mouthed comic talks about race, sex, and other hot-button issues in her hilariously raunchy stand-up film. Whether confronting her past ("I was raped by a doctor. Which is so bittersweet for a Jewish woman") or appearance ("I don't care if you think I'm racist. I only care if you think I'm thin"), Silverman's jokes have a way of folding into themselves -- as her infamous Aristocrats bit, included here as a bonus item, makes perversely clear.

TV -- The Closer: TNT's best show gets personal in its second season, which kicked off last week. This week's episode (airing at 9 p.m. Monday) hits home. While other detective series steer clear of their characters' personal lives, The Closer isn't afraid to get intimate, making heroine Brenda Johnson's eating disorder, mom issues, and romantic entanglements parts of the case.

TV -- Great Moments: Willie Nelson: CMT looks back on 40-plus years of everybody's favorite weed-smoking Grandpa by counting down the country-music legend's most pivotal moments at 9 p.m. Friday. Expect to hear how Nelson got his big break writing "Crazy" for Patsy Cline, formed Farm Aid, and pissed off two different presidents, Carter and Bush Sr. Toking up on the White House roof and not paying your taxes will do that.

CD -- Note Bleu: Best of the Blue Note Years 1998-2005: Medeski Martin & Wood, the world's best jazz-trio-cum-jam-band, wraps up its tenure on the venerable jazz label with a 15-track, genre-busting compilation. MMW sounds nothing like its contemporaries, employing a turntablist to scratch poetic among the twisty, complex time signatures. This restless set plays comfortably in the spaces between Miles Davis, the Grateful Dead, and Run-DMC.

CD -- Remember That I Love You: The Moldy Peaches' Kimya Dawson has a way with words -- many, many words. On her latest solo album, she wends her way through tongue twisters while strumming an acoustic guitar. Death and sadness are popular themes, but Dawson manages to inject the well-worn material with sly humor. The zigzagging "My Mom" is both a biology lesson and a moving tribute to family, with a cameo by Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie.

DVD -- Running Scared: Paul Walker doesn't make a very convincing Italian mobster in this stylish thriller about a lost gun that he must recover in 24 hours. But the action, once it kicks in, never stops, and you barely notice that the star's accent sounds like something out of a Chef Boyardee commercial. The movie's big twist shouldn't surprise anyone paying attention, but director Wayne Kramer deftly ties it all together with Tarantino-like zeal.

COURTESY FLUSH, PLEASE -- X-Men: The Official Game: This cheap cash-in videogame (for all platforms) is as slow, sluggish, and crappy as the movie on which it's based. While the Nightcrawler sequences provide a much-needed kick, the monotonous parade of villains and interchangeable levels are more ghastly than Hugh Jackman's muttonchops.

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