The Worst Band in the World Returns


I know I'm not alone when I say I hate Creed. But I really hate Creed. Especially their asshole singer, Scott Stapp. Last week, the band officially announced their reunion. It's news many of us have been fearing ever since that asshole Stapp left the group five years ago.

There are many reasons I hate Creed: They're Christian rockers who hide their Christianity. They sound like Pearl Jam, who I like, but they ripped PJ's style years after PJ really mattered. And Scott Stapp is an asshole.

Remember when he took off his shirt and preened through his band's awful videos like he was a rock god? Remember when he got drunk onstage and couldn't remember the words to his own stupid songs? Remember when he got into a fight with 311 at an airport (this made me like 311 more than any of their songs ever will)? Remember when he released that sex tape with Kid Rock? (I talked to Kid Rock the week all that was going down; even he acknowledge that Stapp is an asshole.) What would Jesus think? He'd probably think Scott Stapp is an asshole.

Since their split in 2004, Stapp released one solo album, the not-at-all-well-received The Great Divide. The rest of the band continued on with a new singer as Alter Bridge. They're pretty awful, but not nearly as awful as they were when Stapp was fronting them.

Creed are now recording their reunion album, which is probably going to suck. After that, they're going to tour so anyone who still cares about them can pay way too much money to see them sing their terrible songs. (The Cleveland date is on August 26 at Blossom Music Center.) Following the news that Limp Bizkit is also reuniting for a new album and tour this year, 2009 is now shaping up to be the shittiest year ever for rock music. —Michael Gallucci

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