This just in: Hoopples’ resident guitar god Glenn Schwartz still completely nutso

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Glenn Schwartz imparts his trademark blend of guitar godliness and Old Testament-spewing craziness every Thursday at Hoopples. If you haven't been, go.
We at C-Notes have an endless affinity for Glenn Schwartz, the stark-raving mad, Old Testament obsessed guitar virtuoso who plays every Thursday at Major Hoopples (1930 Columbus Ave. 216.575.0483). Maybe we’re gluttons for punishment, but to us, there’s nothing better than a long night spent being irately informed that Orientals have pissed in our beer by a toothless preacher who once played Jimi Hendrix’s birthday party. Perhaps the best part is the audience’s practiced non-plussed attitude toward the guy. If Schwartz played in California, angry picketers would demand his weekly show be yanked after one innocent diatribe against women or Chinese people. If he played in Brooklyn, hoards of hipsters would pay a $20 cover fee to get into the bar, and Robert DeNiro would produce a Glen Schwartz documentary that would sweep awards at the Tribeca Film Festival. ...
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